Small Business
Small business
Your small business digital marketing platform
Plain and simple
SimpliAd is a digital marketing platform powered by customer data that consolidates, automates and simplifies local digital marketing. With SimpliAd, you can remove the stress of marketing and the waste of budget while adding to your bottom line.
What We Offer
Are you a small business owner looking for one platform that demystifies digital marketing and brings in new customers? We offer a simple digital marketing platform that automates your digital local marketing and extends your reach. Here’s how.
Social Media
Social Media Ads
Social media is a cost-effective way to create exposure, enhance your credibility and increase brand recognition. We develop a strategy for your small business to engage your customers, attract new ones and boost purchasing behavior.
Dashboard Analytics
We track the performance of your online marketing activities in one simple dashboard. This lets us monitor—in real-time— how your campaigns are contributing to the sales funnel while providing a clear view into leads and current performance. This gives us the opportunity to adjust messaging on the fly in order to utilize what works for your small business.
Dashboard Analytics
Targeted Display
Targeted Display
Find your prospects in their buying journey with relevant messaging that will drive your sales and keep you top of mind for future consideration.
YouTube Ads
YouTube is where the world watches video. We’ll help you focus your messaging on new and engaged audiences to drive them to purchase.
YouTube Ads
Call Tracking
Call Tracking
Monitor and listen to inbound calls generated from your marketing promotions to learn valuable insights and maximize your campaigns.
Listing and Reputation Management
We’ll manage your listings in the most relevant business directories such as Google and Yelp, as well as monitor review sites to manage your business’s reputation. Don’t have time to respond to all of your customers? We have you covered there as well!
Listing Reputation Management
How To Start
Step 1: Demo
Contact us and we’ll show you how SimpliAd can optimize your digital marketing for maximum returns.
Step 2: Launch
Using the tools and strategies customized specifically for you, we launch your powerful new digital strategy.
Step 3: Monitor
Using SimpliAd’s control center we can easily analyze effectiveness and make adjustments as needed.
The Time Is Now
Customers have already moved their searching and shopping online. Here are just a few reasons you need a plan to reach them.
Search for local businesses on their smartphones at least once a week.
Visit a business within 24 hours of searching on their smartphones.
Of those visiting a local business after an online search make a purchase.